Champagne Eyes in Australia

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When it comes to hotel ratings, the top resource is clearly the travel publication, Con de Naste. In their not-too-humble opinion, the Hotel Windsor in Melbourne, Australia is among the top 18 hotels in the world. There is little disagreement among those who have enjoyed its plush accommodations. When combined with one of the finest French champagnes, the Chandon Stay at the Hotel Windsor provides the vacationer with an unforgettable vacation.

A Lot of Bang for the Buck

At a price that beats many of New York’s mid-range hotels, the Hotel Windsor offers breathtaking views of the mountains across the Yarra Valley, which greet you as soon as the valet parker takes your car. Domaine Chandon champagne in the evening allows you to relax and enjoy the sights and the benefits of this luxurious hotel. Breakfast in the morning is included in your stay, provided by the award-winning culinary staff that works at the on-site 111 Spring Street restaurant.

Drink in the Beauty of Australia

By no means should vacationers remain inside the compound – as nice as it is – when they could go out and explore the many sights, smells and sounds of surrounding Victoria. A few hours from Melbourne’s city center is the ocean, where one can swim with dolphins and seals, or gaze in wide-eyed wonder at the Twelve Apostles, a dozen limestone rock formations that were formed by those great natural sculptors, the wind and the water.

Champagne or no champagne, no Victorian vacation would be complete without a drive down the Great Ocean Road, 108 miles of coastal splendor along Australia’s southwestern shore that takes you past craggy cliffs, lush rainforests and picturesque beaches. After drinking in such natural beauty, one may find oneself just thirsty enough for another bottle of Domaine Chandon, and another enchanted evening at the Hotel Windsor.

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Curb Appeal Involves More Than Flowers

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spring_garden_park_244968_lWhether you are selling your home, or just trying to make it look like that best on the block, a couple flowers and a new bush or two just aren’t going to cut it. If you’re trying to get eyes glued to your property, you are going to have to put serious thought and work into your home. Work up that exterior- get some fresh roofing installed, maybe a new paint job, install a centrifugal pump, and maybe even lay in some fresh grass. After all that, does something still seem to be missing? Read on, friend.


Looking For More?

Have you done all the exterior work you can think of, and things still just don’t seem to be working visually? Maybe it’s time to look into a new garage door. Garage doors, no matter the type and material they’re made from, can be the icing on your cake when it comes to exterior renovation. They add a certain level of class and visual appeal to your home’s exterior that fauna or even a paint job can’t achieve. When looking for a new garage door, pick a company with years of experience, so you can trust that they know what they’re talking about, when they help you pick out the door that will be just right for your garage. And make sure the proper hex nuts are being used when installing your garage door.
You can have an amazing interior, but without that exterior looking pristine, most people just aren’t going to take notice. If you’re going to make the effort to update your home, you may as well go the whole way, and handle the exterior as well as the interiors. A home is all about the symmetry, and if even something as seemingly minor as your garage door doesn’t compliment every other aspect, you’re asking for trouble.

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Does It Feel Like Something’s Missing?

When it comes to exterior renovations, a new garage door is one of the more affordable investments you can make. No matter what your budget, a new garage door is a must, if you’re looking to complete the visual renewal of your home.
Still feeling a bit of hesitation? To make the investment even more attractive, keep in mind that when the time does come for you to sell your home, a new garage door will add to it’s value. Isn’t it time for your home work for you, instead of against you? Start off by visiting several websites to get a feel for how you want your house to look and then get your home as close to perfect, as possible.


Sunrise Roofing (video)

The Best Supply Of Bolts For A New Garage Door

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How do you know where to go for the highest quality in garage doors, materials necessary for garage door installation, the tools necessary, and other considerations for a safe and sturdy door for your garage?  The same way you’re going to find just about anything these days… Through an online search.


Blogs By Construction Workers And House Builders


Men are, as a rule of thumb, always at the ready and willing to regale you with their infinite knowledge and expertise.  It’s simply the nature of the beast.  Check out any blog that contains advice from construction workers or house builders and you will be not only informed, but entertained at the same time.  They discuss everything from what kind of caulking to use to who carries the best Hex Bolt.  They will tell you their favorite way to install something (as well as what tools and supplies you should use in the installation) and swear by it even if the manufacturer recommends otherwise.  Then some other guy gets on and disputes what the first guy said and you have yourself a standoff.  It’s a contest of sorts, apparently.  And, though they can get as catty as they frequently accuse women of being, there is an awful lot of knowledge and advice on these blogs that is simply there for the taking.


Garage Door Facts


When deciding on the type of garage door you are going to install or have installed there are some things that you probably want to keep in mind.  Take a look at what kind of maintenance is going to be required on a routine basis.  Will using the manufacturer’s suggested materials be of benefit or should you possibly take note of the advice offered on the previously mentioned blogs?  What kind of openers are you going to have on that garage door?  There are keyless pads, wall buttons, remotes… and raising the doors are belt drives, chains and so much more.  Who knew that there were so many decisions to be made when installing a simple garage door?   Are you going to be going for wood door panels or vinyl? What about steel garage doors?  What color, thickness and size will you need?  If you go with wood, should you be concerned about rotting and warping?


Visit to learn more information about curb appeal.


All of that and more is why many people simply leave it to the professionals.  They hop online, do some search engine work on garage door installation companies and click on a few quotes.  Then again, there is something to be said for the do-it-yourselfers, as long as the materials that they use for their do-it-yourself installations are of exceptional quality and their abilities and workmanship are suitable for the job at hand.

How To Save Money On Car Insurance With A New Car

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Are you going to buy a new car soon but are trying to decide on which model you should buy? Find a dealer that uses car dealership software to make negotiating a bit easier. You’re not alone. Before you buy that new car take the rime to step back and ask yourself what it’s going to cost for you to insure that car over the course of one year. Your insurance costs could amount to hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year for a policy that you may never use. How can you avoid this problem? The simple tips in this article will provide you with a winning strategy that you can use to buy your next car insurance policy.

Research Pays Off

You can save yourself BIG money every year by comparing car insurance rates with buying options that are available to you online. Many companies have the ability for you to fill out an online quote and have an answer in minutes and you should take advantage of these quotes and then call insurance companies personally to get quotes over the phone. Another way to help yourself is by researching how much car insurance your state requires you to have so an unscrupulous car insurance sales person doesn’t talk you into buying more car insurance than you actually need. If you’re a more knowledgeable consumer you will be able to find cheap car insurance and save yourself money every year.

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Old School Tips To Save You Money

It’s true what your parents told you. Accidents and tickets will mean that you’re going to be paying more for your car insurance policy every month. To avoid the financial pain that comes from paying a lot of money into your car insurance policy every month focus on being a safe, responsible driver every time you get behind the wheel. You can also save yourself money on car insurance by pulling your credit report and seeing exactly what’s in there because insurers factor in your credit when they determine how much you will be paying every month for your car insurance policy.

Romantic Lingerie Choices for your Richmond Honeymoon Night

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Your first night together as a married couple is a chance to set a seal on the marriage and the wedding by wholeheartedly expressing your feelings for each other. It will be a night you’ll always remember—no matter what happens—and it will always help to characterize your marriage and your relationship. Your lingerie choices can help to set the tone for the evening, making it feel special and romantic even if you find you’re too exhausted to do anything but sleep. After all, you’ll have the rest of your lives to spend together and there’s always the morning after!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

You thought finding the perfect Junior Bridesmaids dresses was a challenge. Well choosing the perfect honeymoon lingerie may seem overwhelming, especially if you’re swamped with wedding related decisions as well. The options run the complete gamut from crotch-less thongs and barely-there bras to lacy full coverage nightgowns. Different pieces speak to different tastes and even different moods so you may want to consider several options. Bringing multiple outfits will ensure that you are prepared whatever the mood. It will also extend the fun of revealing your lingerie wardrobe beyond the first night of your honeymoon.

Lingerie Guidelines

There are a few important things to think about when planning your wardrobe of honeymoon bridal lingerie. First of all, you should consider items that will please yourself and your new spouse. If he likes a woman in red lace, for example, that’s what you should look for. If he’s mentioned a fantasy involving a specific look, then perhaps you should consider fulfilling it as a surprise. Whatever you choose, however, don’t forget your own preferences. Be sure to shop for comfort, wear-ability, and ease of extraction. That way you’ll feel as good as you look and the night will go off without a hitch. Above all, however, remember to have fun and choose lingerie that will help you do just that.

Offering Incentives to Employee Health

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It’s more important in this day and age than ever before to offer incentives to keep employees healthy if you’re a business owner. When employees are sick productivity goes down revenue is lost and if those employees need to be replaced it’s expensive to hire and retrain new employees.

Small Group Health Insurance

The first step to keeping your employees healthy is making sure that they have health insurance. If you don’t offer your employees health insurance yet there are a wide variety of affordable programs and health insurance plans that can save you money and insure that your employees have the health insurance that they deserve. You can find out more information on the health insurance plans that are right for your employees by researching health insurance online or contacting a health insurance broker today.

GYM Memberships

The next way to encourage your employees to stay healthy is by offering them company health memberships with national or local health clubs in your area. Even if your employees don’t exercise regularly, a health club membership can be an opportunity for them to get into the gym and start participating in things like swimming in the pool, running or joining an aerobics class. If you do workout regularly, consider visiting to learn how to fuel your workouts.

Healthy Foods

Most companies make the mistake of buying doughnuts, coffee and pizza during the week when those comfort foods only add inches to the waistlines of employees and make people unhealthier. The solution to the junk food problem is to offer healthy snacks like popcorn; fruits or vegetables in the employee break room. If more employees have the option to eat healthy during the day they will be doing their bodies a favor and staying healthy with the good foods that they are eating compared to just putting empty calories in their bodies for another day.


Can You Turn Your Social Media Account into Money?

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These days, almost everyone has social media accounts; be it Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google or Youtube. Social media accounts sometimes call for social profiles. Is there a way to turn that social profile of yours into a moneymaking venture? Several online sources say—yes.

Take It Up A Notch

You can turn your social media page into Social Marketing. Keep in tune with the times (as they relate to your business) and comment on them frequently. If you appear to be a learned font of information and post relative, thought provoking remarks people will look to you for your expertise. However, if you don’t know what you are talking about either sound like you do or don’t say anything at all. Fully utilize your affiliates; stay in touch with businesses that have something to do with your business. The old saying that one hand washes the other still applies. If you utilize hyper linking, try to strike up a deal with other web sites. You will hyperlink a key word to their website if they will hyperlink a key word to your website. You could also try writing a blog or starting a forum by using Everybody wins.


Here Come The Freebies

If people ‘like’ you on Facebook or become a follower of your chosen social media account, discounts or freebies are where it’s at in the world of social marketing in 2012. Be careful where you draw the line with free giveaways simply for hitting the like button on Facebook; because something like that can take off and get out of hand in a hurry. For faithful followers however, feel free to use follower only discount opportunities or giveaways. Probably the most important part of this entire article is the stress that it puts on affiliates.

The whole point here is to make money; let’s be honest. Having an account that has its roots in social media affords you the opportunity to make that money by improving your brand or services and untold ways of increasing unlimited prospective business prospects.

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Five Star Jewelry Shopping in Richmond

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There are approximately eight five star jewelry stores in the Richmond area.

East and West Cary Street

West Cary Street houses two shops at which find, five star jewelry and be purchased. Alternately, East Cary Street houses but one fine jewelry shop as well. The shops on West Cary specialize in commissions, repairs, wedding bands, custom made jewelry, decorations, unique gifts and more. The East Cary shop boast services and articles such as gold, platinum, certified gems and diamonds rings, repairs, custom design, and three on site goldsmith’s and designers. West Broad Street also has a couple of fine jewelry stores whose claim to fame consists of a full service jeweler specializing in timepieces and fine jewelry and in business for five generations; the other is in the Short Pump Towne Center and is recommended by any number of brides to be for their fine jewelry.

Around Town

In the Ridge Shopping Center, on North Parham Road, is a fine jewelry store that will not only sell you a fine jewelry but help to educate you on the subjects of diamonds, little known artisans, utterly unique pieces and jewelry and by well known designers. On E. Main Street in Richmond are a five star jewelry store that comes highly recommended by some of the top buyers of jewelry in the area and a store advertising everything from the soup to nuts of jewelry including but not limited to sterling, gold, Mont Blanc, watches and watch repair, fountain pens, diamonds joy repair and more.

E. 7th Street also houses a store that contains some fine jewelry but clothing and other items as well. Suffice it to say that five star jewelry shopping in Richmond is anything but limited. You should have no problem finding exactly which are looking for and then some.

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A Dream House Can Come True In Richmond

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Is it possible to make your dream home come true?  That is the question you need to pose to the builder of your home.  A simple yes however, does not mean that they can actually do it.  Research your builders, before signing on the dotted line, in Richmond or anywhere else.


Who Dreams of a Dream House?


Both men and women alike, usually have some type of vision of their dream home.  They know exactly how they want the layout of their kitchen to look, where the living room should begin and end, how many bedrooms, whether or not a fireplace (or maybe even more than one fireplace) is called for and how large the back deck should be. The thing is that, at least for the most part, your average Joe just doesn’t know all that much, about the true building process of a dream home, including the deck screws needed for that new deck.

The concept of codes and building permits, the requirements that are standard in their part of town are as much of a mystery, as the best Agatha Christie whodunit.  And, if there is a budget involved, who’s got the kind of time and know-how to balance the books and juggle the money, to make everything work within that budget?  Not me!  Not you!  Does that mean that your dream house is out of reach?  Absolutely not.


Dream Builders For Your Dream Home


It is going to take a little bit of research to find the perfect company to help you plan your dream home. Check online for reviews from people who have used builders, in the past.  The company should realize that even before the basement is dug and the foundation is laid, that endless hours of work have already been put in by tireless designers and planners.  The beginning of the intense manual labor means construction, electrical work, plumbing and more by highly sophisticated and talented builders.

The materials used should be of the highest quality, such as GU10 LED bulbs, and expert supervision should be overseeing the proper level of craftsmanship required to make your dream home come true.  Your building company needs just the right expertise to assist you in the planning stages, execution of construction and supervision, and all the while keeping you not only involved in the process, but coming in underwear or within budget.




A stellar home builder does not have to be a large corporation.  Smaller companies sometimes take more of the time necessary to not only build your house, but spend time with you in the creation of your warm and inviting home, where your family can feel secure and safe.  It might be a $2 million mansion or a single-family, cozy little $100,000 house.  Whichever you choose, or anything in between, the same care and effort should go into it as with every other home that your chosen company builds.


What To Do With Your Old Home

Now that you are well on your way to completing your dream home, many times people are often stuck with the decision to sell, lease or rent their old home depending on what is best for them and their finances.  It is important to make these choices about your old home as carefully as how you have planned and executed building your dream home.  We suggest you talk to an informative and reputable realtor, such as The Corona Team. They will give you the best information to fit your needs and your future plans.



Real Estate Securities

When to Start Saving for a Home

Finding Comfortable Clothing To Wear During Your Illness

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Being able can be a horrible thing to deal with especially if you have been diagnosed with cancer. In order to get through this difficult time you need to do everything you can to make yourself comfortable. Most people with cancer experience some type of discomfort because of the medicine they are forced to take or if they are going through chemotherapy. Side effects can be really bad to so you have several different options to choose from in order to make everything not seem so bad.

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Shopping For Headwear

When you decide that you need to start looking for different types of headwear or something that will fit over your head you should go online because the Internet is going to give you several different resources and information. In order to do a search that will give you the best results you need to use the keywords scarves for cancer patients headwear. You will be very surprised to see all of the different options you have to choose from and most likely you will find something that is going to work for you.

Creative Approach

Something you might consider doing while you are being treated with cancer is thinking of your own ways to create headwear or scarves. If you have a creative gene that you like to let out from time to time this would be the perfect opportunity for you to show all of your amazing designs to someone that can create all of your masterpieces. It also will give you something to do to keep yourself occupied for a good cause.

No matter what always try to see the light at the end of the tunnel and stay positive during your battle with cancer. In no time you should be feeling amazing. To promote hair growth after treatment, visit